Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bicycles No Longer Being Manufactured -- Araya

     Araya Used To Make Bicycles. Araya made many bicycles for other companies and put other companies decals on their frames. For awhile though in the 70's Araya made their own bikes. I came across one of those bikes and in my research I discovered there's very little information about them.

I found out a couple interesting things. Araya made a really nice bicycle, one model with Reynolds 631 tubing and downtube shifters. Eventually I emailed Araya and they sent me this neat catalog page. Pictured Below is the Araya Sport. I hope this helps you identify your Araya Bicycle.


Araya Sport --- (Tall 62cm Frame)

  Araya, a company with a long history.

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  1. Hi Josh,
    I cruise the Internet lots and am getting fed up with those who preface their inaccurate ramblings with "my research shows ..." or "according to my research ..." I suggest you do better research and check out: you will find that Araya is alive and well and is still building bicycles, as well as their great rims.