Thursday, September 11, 2014

Goal: What Drives Me

Hit a new personal record for fastest sprinting speed on flat ground. Hit 27mph. Found one of those speed devices local police use to show people how fast they are going. I think my new goal? New goal: break 30mph sprinting on flats, next goal break 35 mph on flats after 40 mph, after that 45 and 50 mph sprinting speed on flats. I'll stop maybe when I break the world record, I think is either 57mph or 63mph. I dont recall..I'm not reading books anymore I'm fucking training. It's go time. Go Go Go. Plan a little if you need but get going as soon as you can.

I'm unstoppable.

Steel road bike or nothing, don't listen to that bullshit, my focus is all steel made in the 80's with tons of spokes. Dont listen to those technology fools. The bicycles engines is in those legs, that heart and those lungs and that's all the matters, the rest is just accessories. All the power lies within, you can hit 27 mph on flats too. I welcome you all to post your records and hopefully how you've beat mine, your maximum speed on flat ground. Give me something to chase! Are there none among you who will answer such a call?

Go for it!